Vision and Mission

Our endeavour is publishing. Throughout the world, we provide scientific and professional communities with superior specialist information – produced by authors and colleagues across cultures in a nurtured collegial atmosphere of which we are justifiably proud.

We encourage communication among our customers – researchers, students and professionals – enabling them to work more efficiently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning. Our dynamic growth allows us to invest continually all over the world.

Takshila Publishing:

Takshila Publishing Pvt Ltd is an international Open Access publisher of peer reviewed journals around a wide range of scientific disciplines.

As the world’s leading provider of science and health information, Takshila serves free access journals to scientists, students from worldwide. Takshila is a newly started organization seeking for the support from scientific community, industries, institutes, universities, funding agencies, and others.

The role of open access publishing has been a topic of ongoing debate within the scientific community. Takshila is establishing open access as a model for expanding access to top quality scientific publications for researchers worldwide. The scope of all scientific, archival publication comprises all science fields of interest, emphasizing applications-oriented and interdisciplinary articles.

Since the launch of Takshila Open Choice in 2013, we have continued to be both receptive and proactive in the open access movement. Takshila’s open access activities are Adjusting prices with significant open choice share is a Takshila Standard, Permitting commercial use for our open choice program, Pioneering institutional experiments and many more.

We depend on the backing of our users and those who believe in the potential of a global commons. We are alive and thriving thanks to the generous support of people like you. Spread the word about Takshila to your colleagues, friends and family, and donate to help maintain Takshila as a robust, long-lived, and stable organization.