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Education: The Gap Today

The Problems


The cost of education in India is rising much faster than inflation. It estimated with the current scenario that the average cost of MBA and engineering degree will be around INR 50 Lakhs and INR 25 lakhs respectively until the year 2025. We have more than 70% people who are a part of the Bottom of the Pyramid earning less than INR 10,000 monthly. How can they even think of affording this education?



In India, 30% job aspirants have doctored CV;s and fake degrees. This has created a Billion Dollar industry of background verification. On an average a company has to spend an amount equivalent to the employees annual salary in case of hey have to replace a dishonest employee. That is why companies have to focus on the college brand name, which eventually leads to missing out on good talent who couldn’t attend a Tier I college because of lack of opportunities.

Skill Gap

Skill Gap

Our Higher education’s curriculum was last updated during the industrial revolution. In the current scenario, where the world is changing at a rapid pace, it is nearly impossible to keep updating the college curriculum. This establishes a skill gap for the students when they try to enter the industry. Thus leading to unemployment. So apart from technical skills, every individual today needs to be agile and adaptive, focus on innovation and develop problem solving skills.

The Problems
  • One of the biggest problems is the cost of education. The population at the Bottom of the pyramid cannot afford to enroll in good institutions because of financial crunch. Nothing but a trap. The situation today affects the situation of tomorrow.
  • The inability to access the right talent because of lack of transparency among the University-Student-Company has led to increase in the number of unemployed youth.
  • What we lack are smart citizens. With 30% youth population, the sleeping lion, this nation, could turn things around if we can help deliver the right experience and exposure to each individual.
Our Solution

The Solution

  • A MOOC platform that pays you to learn and adapt new skills. The more your effort the more you are rewarded in the form of digital currency. Your present won’t define your future.
  • A blockchain based platform to store the digital certificates, university degrees and work experience documents for lifetime and visible to all, connecting right candidates to right recruiters. Its time they knew the truth.
  • The experiences and exposure can be delivered using the power of internet. We have designed an add-on course to develop problem solving skills. Life is about problems and you should be able to solve your own.
Our Solution

We Are Young & Dynamic!

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

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Success Stories

Our Success Stories

We have trained 1500+ students in Digital Marketing, Business Thinking, Problem Solving & Communication Skills.

  • 5 star review  Great place to enhance your digital marketing benchmarks for career growth, they also deliver knowledge from the scratch to the new commers in digital field.

    thumb Akshay Khatri

    5 star review  Best people in the industry to learn from. Great course content!

    thumb Swarnim Shrivastava

    5 star review  Amazing start up in Ahmedabadh. Understandig their potential audience and targeting customers accordingly is what they are doing the best. Obvioudly apart from this, the services provided in form of training classes cant be expressed in words. Keep it up guys.

    thumb Maalav Thakkar
  • 5 star review  thanks

    thumb Dheeraj Kumar

    5 star review  Great way to explore yourself towards digital marketing, Learn from a person having hands-on metter expertise and better teaching skills to enhance your skills in digital marketing, they provide more practical knowledge then theory knowledge, Helped me a lot to set up my training presence on the field of digital marketing Thanks to Growthspree for providing the best guidance.

    thumb Heer Dhakan

    5 star review  Best Digital Marketing Institute, Got to learn about start-ups and growth hacks.

    thumb Rakesh Suthar
  • 5 star review  I am a first year MBA(marketing) student. I joined Growthspree with the expectation of honing my digital marketing skills, as its relevant to my field of study. Their course material and teaching pedagogy(practicals and case studies) are very relevant and easy to grasp onto. They are very accomodative with the schedule. So if you are a working professional or a college student with long college hours, they will accomodate your timings well. The learning environment is very interactive and energetic. Overall 10/10 recommend. Growthspree is really on a growth spree 🙂

    thumb Vasavi Jain

    5 star review  With the need for digital presence increasing daily and skill enhancement being the imminent step to support the growing workforce, GrowthSpree comes up with a simple yet impactful way forward for the digital workforce of the future. Way to go guys! ✌️

    thumb Saransh Bhatt

    5 star review  Open forum to learn and an amazing experience of education with this culture, feel free to learn, very supportive staff, "Course ke sath bhi -Course Ke baad Bhi" type of epic support, Thanks for this journey to Mr. Ishan as well as Mr. Nilesh...

    thumb Viral Dwivedi
  • 5 star review  Amazing people with good skills. Their style is unique and different.

    thumb Devbrat Jain

    5 star review  I recently joined GrowthSpree for Digital Marketing Course. I must say it is best place to learn Digital Marketing. They are so supportive and innovative. If you want to learn Digital Marketing from Ahmedabad, then choose best which is GrowthSpreee.

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    5 star review  Perfect place to build yourself in digital marketing. Amazing start up with much helpful and great minds behind.

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  • 5 star review  I like the way these people go about their business. They certainly have those ethics which the other institutes lack in. Long Way to go GrowthSpree.! Keep up the good work.! 🙂

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    5 star review  Great team .. learnt a lot from them. If you are planning to learn Digital Marketing, meet them once and you will feel the difference.

    thumb Aakash Rathi

    5 star review  A team of young and dedicated enthusiasts who'll happily walk the extra mile to help you grow. The perfect platform for budding entrepreneurs.

    thumb Satyam Arya
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Our Journey
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